Send to...

Sendto lets people send you encrypted files and folders, without knowing about encryption, keys or passwords.


  • Uses only public keys
  • PGP encryption and TLS
  • No passwords or key exchange
  • Uses Go Crypto pkg by Adam Langley


  • Just upload your public key
  • No passwords or key generation
  • Clients send files with one click
  • Command line or OS X service


  • All source code on Github
  • Use gpg or keys from
  • Self-hosting option
  • Cross platform client software


How does it work?

Just send people a link to your profile (example), and they can download an app for their platform to send you encrypted files. They don't need to know anything about crypto, because your public key is retreived from, and used to encrypt the files on their computer before sending. The files are then stored on sendto for you to retrieve them. There is a command line application for mac, linux and windows (all in beta), and a service for Mac OS X which allows users to just right click on any file or folder and send it to you, with encryption applied before the files leave their machine. After that no one can open the files but you.

To install from source, use:

go get

To send files to the demo user (NB you won't be able to see them, this just tests sending), use:

sendto demo myfileorfolder

To send files to yourself, visit your profile page, and follow the instructions, something like:

sendto myusername myfolder

The sendto client will fetch the public key of user username, encrypt the files with it, and send the files off to the server. Because the server can't decrypt the files it stores, you can trust that no-one but the intended recipient can open them, even if the server was compromised. For extra peace of mind you can choose to run your own server as well as client as both client and server are open source and always will be.

Cross-platform encryption

To set up your own profile page and let people send you files, you can register in a few seconds (name and pgp key required only).