About Sendto

Sendto was written for Gopher Gala 2016 by @kennygrant. Sendto is a quick way for people to send you encrypted files and folders, without knowing anything about encryption, keys or passwords. Sendto lets users use your PGP public key to encrypt files for you, and uploads them to the server encrypted for you to download. There is no difficult dance of sending keys or passwords on an insecure channel, or complex software for them to master. Open Source. Sendto is completely open source, so that you can verify what happens to your files, and run it on your own server if you prefer self-hosting.

Written by

@kennygrant on twitter, github, keybase.io, sendto.click

Technology used

  • Go 1.4
  • PGP Encryption : Go Std library
  • Web Framework: Fragmenta
  • Web Server: Caddy
  • Database: Postgresql

Open source on github

https://github.com/gophergala2016/sendto (for now, it will probably move to another repo soon). This app is open source so that you can build it yourself, and check what it does. If you have Go installed, you can also install the client and server from source with:

go get github.com/send-to/sendto

and then use the sendto command:

sendto help

you can host the server yourself if you prefer to have complete control.