To send files to kennygrant, follow the instructions to install for your platform below, and then run the program, giving it the username and the location of the files you wish to send. On Mac OS X you can either use the command below, or right click any file to send files, on other platforms there is a command line tool available.

sendto kennygrant path/to/your/files

The program will then archive and encrypt the files and post them to the account of kennygrant on sendto.


To send files to kennygrant, download the file for your platform below, and follow the instructions. You only have to do this once, and on Mac OS X you'll be able to right click any file and send it straight away. Other platforms are still in beta and have a command line tool only.

or if you prefer install from source

Geeks can also install from source with

go get

and send files using the command

sendto kennygrant path/to/your/files